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First Published         30 Aug , 2017      7:49 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)

We are excited to drop here we are officially launching another, yet our second experimental channel on Youtube, News One And Half. It carries the same topic category on the website which we abbreviated with the acronym of NOAH. (Unless some technical difficulties are encountered, the project is on.- Ed.)

In the past, we posted articles and news stories with a different treatment which ran with short commentary and observation on the side. It all began and saw light in March of 2015.

We reviewed previous posts before that date and eventually included some way, way back. It all rolled up as part of what we loosely referred to as the satire journal. But really, articles were so toned down and very mellow you could hardly notice the difference.

One memorable NOAH article written was on the Multi-Million-Peso Siruma-Tinambac Hi-Way Project Approved, Early Implementation Seen. That short span of national road in Camarines Sur’s fourth congressional district which the government continuously and deliberately neglects is a bane to commuters traversing the area..

ON the website, readers are presented the option to check out for themselves if the content is pure news or contain some satirical, comic or pun treatment, sometimes they tickle sometimes leaving a pinch on the side.

Over two years later and 102 articles already, here we are putting one foot forward for creating content which is a challenge and still looking forward to it as an inspiring endeavor.

Meanwhile as we bury our heads for the production of content, we share the initial intro video already posted on the NOAH Youtube channel.

But if you can not visit the channel, here below only for your eyes:

Other than asking you, to subscribe on our channel, we also have a separate Twitter account for News One and Half
on this link.

First Published         30 Aug , 2017      7:49 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)


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