Update: Bald eagle hatch first egg with the world watching

Remember when it was shared here the live stream, real-time day and night watch of two bald eagles in southwest Florida while taking their turns warming their two eggs?

Well, the good news is that, one of the eggs which earlier showed signs of hatching with cracks on the outside coupled with small chirping sound has hatched.

The world actually witnessed live how the first egg hatched Dec. 31st at 7:33 AM live on camera.

Earlier mentioned that the two birds are known as Harriet (the female) and M15 (the male).

Just to identify, M15 has darker spots around his eyes and Harriet has a longer beak. M15 (Male 2015), is the more active at watching the eggs non-stop in their nest.

So now, we will be watching the chick and the last egg to hatch anytime soon.

Video below is that poignant moment when the egg opened for the world to see:

But here is the continuing watch:

Camera 1

Camera 2

H/T – Youtube, SWFEC,


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