2 Texas students get school suspension for sharing asthma inhaler


That is why a person should not share some very personal stuff to another, especially when the thing contain controlled substance like one in an asthma inhaler.

One can look at it as ridiculous but it happened in Texas, USA.

Two honor students in Dallas were suspended and faced 30 days in an alternative school after one of the girls tried to save the other’s life for sharing her inhaler. The act merit an automatic decision when a controlled substance is involved according to the school.

It so happened that 12 year old Indiyah Rush offered her classmate, Alexi Ryle, 13, who has asthma, her inhaler when she saw her wheezing and gasping during gym class at Vernon Schrade Middle School in Dallas. Rush has had asthma since age five and always carry a rescue inhaler.

Both girls were sent to the principal’s office and suspended. The school explained that 30 days of alternative school is automatic when a controlled substance such as an inhaler is involved.

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