After Election, Now What? It is Payback Time in Bicol!


smileredunhappyThe day after the mid-term elections, expect things will be back to same old same old. (Tulad ng dati.) The poor remains poor. Some neighbors at the back house had an appointed chance of getting “dole-out moneys” from candidates’ crisp peso notes with the smiley face of a Ninoy are penny less, once again.

The rich continue becoming rich and amass more wealth, in fact they never rested even during the election. Investments on their winning candidates will have to be collected, soon. The winners start wielding their power and clout. The losers begin a new plan to reclaim lost investments and plan a new attack for the next election, with God’s will and personal health condition permitting. Back to normal, in other words.

We focus on the winners of the contest. Their campaign promises and “flowers of tongues of half truths” more commonly referred to as “bulaklak ng mga dila na kulang sa katotohanan” (burak gikan sa dila na kulang sa pagsasabi nin totoo). Just like flowers, with petals and stalks wilting after a few days, promises become boisterous words, flambouyant at its height and vanishes in thin air as quickly once uttered.

In the region of 5.5 million people we love to call Bicol, few but almost great statesmen, and many good for nothing politicians have come and gone. Isn’t it very comforting this southern Luzon territory, of six provinces, seven cities and 107 municipalities, is well represented in the august houses of congress?

The past immediate 15th congress, there were 5 senators (Joker Arroyo, Gringo Honasan, Antonio Trillanes, Chiz Escudero, and Migz Zubiri) and 19 district representatives (Albay 3, Camarines Sur, 5, Camarines Norte, 2, Sorsogon, 2, Masbate 3, Catanduanes 1, Party list Ako Bicol 3) who claim and call Bicol their home by consanguinity or affinity.

That’s what we heard during the campaign period that time in 2010. A record high representation at any one period which a repeat may not come for a long while. In fact, it should be regarded as very historic!

But while the representation is overwhelming and a perceived clout could have been very advantageous for the constituents, the provinces, the cities and municipalities, nothing much has changed in the economic situation of the region.

One distinct example is that of Senator Escudero as Sorsoguenos lament he has not done much to improve the province except for the appropriation of 500,000 pesos (US$11,904.00) for a book on Sorsogon.

Only this four-letter word can aptly and totally describe that obtaining situation in the land of Bicolandia so accurately. POOR.


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