Despacito gets a version out of Duterte’s speeches, and it’s hilarious


smileredunhappyAlready, the two hour tedious speech of President Rodrigo Duterte during his second State of the Nation Address, was history.

For one, his address was more of impromptu and unscripted, having deviated from the one running on the teleprompter.

The chief executive dismissed the prepared speech as “walang kwenta” or something of no value or of no use to him.

In his discourse, he even devoted ample time to chastise his vocal critics like human rights advocates, Senator Leila De Lima, even mocked ex US President Obama, and many more.

But before he went to the Batasan for the annual presidential mid-year address, he had to view the completed musical parody of “Despacito.”

He was just disappointed he cannot do the same on the podium with all the foreign dignitaries and honorable senators and congressmen in the audience.

If we will be asked, this musical parody needs more improvement. The fade in and fade out or frame and scene changes are too abrupt, it strains our eyes. Really, needs more improvement.

Naturally, the DDS squad and trolls did not wait a second longer and came to the rescue who thought the video was a form of disrespect to the president. What do you think?

So now, watch the video below:

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