Dedicated Multi-media Page, Links Now Smoothly Running on the Site

The green screen has an actual width of 6 feet and height of 6 feet and 10 inches. While photo shown at right, captures 2/3 of the screen only.

Got it fixed and running smoothly. Just referring to the set of movies and videos posted on this site on previous issues. But since we wanted so much to have a quick and easy access on the movies without going through the laborious search on the site, it is much better to collate them in one, here- Cbanga360 TV.

Watch the videos all together all at once in one setting or one at a time, or click the video link and land at a dedicated page, which of course will also remind and show link of what article or post it originally appears. Cool enough?

Watch out as very soon will come out with a regular multi media presentation of news, observation and opinion. The technical component is just about being readied and all.

By the week end, the huge green screen for the chroma key effect dedicated to the project will have been smoothed out and completed, complementing the dual video softwares on our disposal. But of course, the temporary studio occupies the less livable space, the garage.

By the way, the material used for the huge screen backdrop was sourced from a local art supply store which was cheap. It’s a widetone seamless (almost like the local cartolina, we may say) tech green (color), in a roll.

We had the freedom of cutting the sheets into the desired length. Just in case someone reading this post has the interest or desire in making one.(


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