Robbers Cart .7M from Calabanga Rural Bank

The Peñafrancia Rural Bank of Calabanga edifice fronting the Medroso park, a stone's throw from the town's police headquarters and the municipal building.

The Peñafrancia Rural Bank of Calabanga branch in barangay Del Carmen lost to persistent thieves the amount of P705,000 last October 10, 2010.

The undetermined number of robbers entered the bank premises through its rooftop. Investigators revealed the robbers may have used a bolt cutter, sledge hammer and chisels by boring a hole into the G. I. sheet roofing and wood.

Inside the building, the intruders gained access to the office of the manager where the cash vault was located for safekeeping the bank money.

Earlier on the evening of October 9, (maybe the same) thieves made a first attempt at robbing the bank through the roof.

This prompted the Calabanga Police Chief Inspector Elmer V. Mora to recommend to bank management the immediate repair of the forcibly destroyed portion of the roof.

Also included in the authorities suggestion was the protection of the premises and structure by detailing a security guard. But the management did not heed both advise.

This indifference and reluctance of the bank gave the robbers strong indication to make the second attempt on the following day with success and to the detriment of the small business and financial institution.

We have no idea if the bank maintains a surveillance or image recording device inside the building.

The Rural Bank office-building, fronting the Medroso park, is a stone’s throw from the Calabanga (PNP) national police headquarters and the municipal hall.

On August 9, Cbanga360 discussed the (this link leads to the post on) rise in crime incidence in the province of Camarines Sur for the current year as compared to the previous year.


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