Pope Francis joins social photo sharing site Instagram under “Franciscus”

Pope Francis joins social photo sharing site Instagram under “Franciscus.” The Holy Father, Papa Francisco will definitely rock, again, the social media scene. This time, he joins Instagram.

The information was first disclosed through the Vatican Dario Viganò who recently informed Vatican Radio about Pope’s new undertaking.

Earlier, Pope Francis held a closed door meeting with the founder of Instagram Kevin Sistrom. Sistrom gave the pontiff a photo book, which contains the most impressive images published in Instagram.

In January, the Pope also met with the Apple CEO Tim Cook. During the meeting, he called the Internet a “God’s gift” and a platform to build a healthy society.

The Vatican already has an official Instagram page with about 80,000 subscribers. In 2012, Pope Francis also started his own Twitter account that has attracted about 8,870,000 members and increasing by the day.

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The Pope has his own Twitter account under the handle @pontifex.


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