Calabanga Marks 20th Year in Passion Play Production


Calabanga — This lenten tourist town will mark its 20th year of presenting to locals, afficionados and devotees the annual street tableau of “An Pasyon ni Kristo” during the Semana Santa (Holy Week) festivities.

The street play is spearheaded by the Calabanga Network for Talent and Arts Development and Advocacy (CaNTADA, Inc.) together with the local government, parish pastoral council and SamBIT, Inc. of CBSUA-Calabanga.

Organizations involved are now in the final stretch in their preparation for the presentation of Christ’s passion, death and resurrection.

Before the play get a perfect presentation, discipline and rehearsals are being observed by the cast, crew and organizations involved.

Their goal is to touch lives and move people to action through meaningful reflection in Jesus Christ’s story embodied in the annual street play. It has always been in place hence the challenge of making the production artistic and truthful in every sense.

For interested parties, below is the full schedule of rehearsals and locations, including religious organizations in the parish of Our Lady of Porteria, which take charge in offering food and snacks for the talents.

March 11, Venue is the Patio (Churchyard), Rehearsal, Last Supper, Gethsemane, Pagdakop sponsored by MBG, barangay pastoral council (BPC) of San Antonio, parish ministry of lectors: March 12 Patio, Rehearsal: Last Supper, Gethsemane, Pagdadop, snacks by DMI, El Shaddai, St. Joseph Association; March 13, Patio, Rehearsal: Si Maria Magdalena, An Pagpaaram, Si Pedro, Si Hudas, Si Jesus sa atubang kan mga Kapadian, Veronica, with foods by OLPA, Handmaids of the Lord;

March 14, Patio, Rehearsal, Mga Padi, Caifas, Herodes, Pilato with refreshments by BPC Sta Salud, BPC Sta Cruz; March 15, Patio, Rehearsal: Mga Padi, Caifas, Herodes, Pilato, and food by Adoracion Nocturna, Neo Cathecumenate Communities; March 18, Patio, Rehearsal: Stations of the Cross to Crucifixion with snacks by the Lay Minsters, Children of Mary, BPC Sogod; March 19, Patio, Rehearsal: Resurrection, with snacks by BPC San Pablo, BPC San Francisco;

March 20 Patio, Rehearsal, Polishing: Act 1- Pilato, with foods from BPC Sabang, BPC San Vicente; March 21, Patio, Rehearsal: Polishing- Pilato, Stations of the Cross, Resurrection, with refreshments from BPC Del Carmen, BPC Sta. Isabel, BPC Binaliw; March 22, Technical-Dress Rehearsal, by actual play venue (station of the cross, Calvary, Patio, Octagon, Park) with snacks from BPC San Roque, BPC San Miguel; March 23, Patio, Rehearsal, Resurrection, with food from BPC Salvacion Baybay, BPC San Isidro.

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