Reaction Review of Movie Trailer of ‘The Lady of Heaven’

lady of heaven trailer review
Reaction review on the trailer of 'Lady of Heaven' movie.

Red Monkey Talks presents the first immersion on movie trailer review reaction of “The Lady of Heaven.”

A late, late posting culled from Red Monkey Talks Youtube channel.

In the most recent post in our in-motion channel, Man of Good Will dropped a comment and made a suggestion that we review the movie trailer for “The Lady of Heaven.” Accepting that offer is a challenge since this will be the first time doing a movie trailer review.

So here is our short review of the trailer.

The opening scene gives us the impression that this will be a movie full of graphic footages, including violence and terrorism.

Movies now uses plenty of cinematic effects, CGIs, abundance of exaggeration and drama!

While the production vouches that the story is close to the truth, who will be privy or vouch to that veracity? Considering that the story is not widely known, if ever it is true or with a touch of fiction, it is not for us to judge, then!

To stitch the story timelines and introduce the subject or main character of the film, a story telling old woman became the mouthpiece in sharing the very much unknown story about Fatima!

The old woman, by coincidence, was able to take care of a boy whose mother died, in the course of the panic and destruction in Iraq! Hence, she was re-telling the story to the boy!

That approach mends together the two timelines, one during Fatima’s era and the second, one thousand four hundred years, or so, later or specifically, the current generation.

Fatima, this trailer claims, represents, or is, or was, the lady of heaven! This preview effectively introduces the very unknown Fatima to the world!

She was supposed to be the daughter of the prophet Mohammad, and the film theorizes, suffered injustice and violence herself!

I would also add and suppose that the hate and violence in the film revolve around faith and belief or the supremacy of an evolving faith from another. And maybe a good sprinkling of deceit!

While this preview represents a snippet of the movie, be aware and prepare for scenes that depicts the ugly face of conflicts and wars, violence and hatred and wrath.

Some lines and narrations I can’t hear audibly with the loud musical soundtrack playing in the background. So I’m not sure if this line is the exact phrase, and may I quote: “It’s such some people are full of faith, the biggest strength to everyone around me.”

I strongly agree the greatest film in this life and the hereafter is the spreading of peace in the world, I immediately place in that category most of the biblical films about Jesus and Moses.

Another line which sparked my attention was the voice over and I quote here: “in Lady Fatima’s goodness inspired people to stand up no matter what the cost”, and unquote. Does it suggest or mean it is acceptable to resort violence which could cause chaos and depravity of life and livelihood?. Does this reflect the general sentiment and actual practice of previous and current believers of any faith in particular?

But if the line instead runs like this, and I quote: “in Lady Fatima’s goodness, inspired people to stand up no matter what the cause” and unquote; then just the same, it should not be acceptable. Why fight for a wrong cause at all cost? Only the rightful cause should be acceptable, and nothing else!

Well that was a good display of visual effects!

Did you liked the quick phasing of the scenes?

By the way, this preview is banned in Pakistan or specifically, by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority! And some countries, particularly the middle east, released official negative reaction on the film and its story.

An interesting note here, the film was shot on location in the Republic of Georgia and London. The production crew built the sets for Mecca and Medina of Saudi Arabia as re-imagined in 622 A.D.

With a good number of cast and extras, among others, this movie was said to be completed at a cost of fifteen million U S dollars.

With the pandemic about the world, I suspect, the producer or its promoters, sort of want to spread the info about the movie through this solicitations and suggestions of reviewing the preview. Clever marketing strategy.

But hey, sometimes, the trailer is too good to be representative of the entire movie it wants to market.


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