Senators lament the unfinished business of EDSA People Power


Was the EDSA People Power’s main purpose only to topple the administration of strongman President Ferdinand Marcos, many considered dictatorial and oppressive?

Thirty years after the bloodless uprising, the fight remains an unfinished business, according to senators on Tuesday.

”EDSA has restored democracy but still has unfinished business….. freedom from poverty.” Senator Juan Edgardo ‘Sonny’ Angara said in a press statement.

”We are politically free but not economically free. The solution and freedom to poverty is now on our shoulders as government officials (sic),” Angara, only 13 years old during EDSA revolt, said.

Presidential frontrunner Senator Grace Poe agreed that the fight is not over yet.

”Thirty years after EDSA, we have a lot of things to do as a nation so that we can get freedom from hunger, poverty, lack of education, repression of our rights to information, and human rights violation,” Poe said.

As presidential candidate, Poe along with her running mate Senator Francis ‘Chiz’ Escudero vowed to continue the spirit of EDSA with the participation of the youth and the whole nation.

”We believe in the reliability of the youth to be our partner in molding a prosperous nation, free and compassionate to every Filipino. We are united, we can be successful in this fight,” Poe said.

Meanwhile, Malacanang on Wednesday said the government is still processing the claims of human rights victims during the martial law.

It said the Human Rights Claims Board is processing more than 76,000 claims from individuals and surviving families of those who were killed, tortured or disappeared during martial law.

Funding for claims was sourced from the proceeds of the recovered ill-gotten wealth through the Presidential Commission on Good Government.

The country will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution on Thursday. Its highlight is an experiential museum which will feature different facets during the Martial Law years. (PNA)


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