Chicken, Fish, Beef and Pork Barrels Find Its Way on the Feast Tables in Fiestas

File photo: Parade scene here. Happy fiesta, Calabanga!!!

Chicken, fish, beef and pork barrels find its way on the feast tables in fiestas

Calabanga, 07 September 2013 – Yes. Definitely. Chicken, fish, beef and pork barrel finds its way on the feast tables in Calabanga, if we have to measure the volume of food served during this time of merriment.

Far and devoid from the national issue on corruption and embezzlement of public funds which now pre-occupy and consume political leaders and their cohorts, the residents and visitors here will focus more on the simple and mundane phase of life.

We refer to the attendant merrymaking, cacophony of music, food, drinks, and the like that goes with the occasion. Military and civic parades participated in by different high schools, elementary, civic organizations and government agencies just brushed the dust off the poblacion streets for a while. So with the display of local pageant winnners just concluded.

When before the town fiesta was observed in one day, (September 8) the event now encompasses more than two days, what with the parades and competitions unfolding on different schedules and dates, long before the D-day.

We find that fiesta celebration is now a fad in the region, if not in the whole Philippines. The events are spread way over one day and beyond, maybe for tourism purposes?

To name a few here. Albay: Magayon festival, Fiesta Culinaria; Pulang-angui Festival, Polangui; Paroy Festival, Libon; Puto Festival, Oas; Sun Flower Festival, Ligao city, Lambat Festival, Pio Duran; Arandurugan Festival, Guinobatan; Quipia Festival, Jovellar;Pinangat Festival, Camalig; Cagsawa Festival, Daraga; Ibalong Festival, Legazpi city; Fiesta Tsinoy, Legazpi city; Bikol Pastores, Legazpi city; Sto. Cristo Festival, Dap-dap, Legazpi city; Talahib Festival, Manito; Sarung Banggi Festival, Sto. Domingo; Lubid Festival, Malilipot; Karagumoy Festival, Bacacay; Layag Festival, Rapu-Rapu; Tabak Festival, Tabaco city; Anilao Festival, Malinao; Nipa Festival, Balading, Malinao; Coron Festival, Tiwi.

Camarines Norte: Pinyasan Festival, Daet; Pabirik Festival, Paracale; Palong Festival, Capalonga; Bantayog Festival, Camarines Norte; Kadagatan Festival, Mercedes; Busig-on Festival, Labo, Mambulawan Festival, Jose Panganiban; Rahugan Festival, Basud; Bagasbas Beach International Eco-Arts, Daet.

Camarines Sur: Peñafrancia Festival, Naga city; Kinalas Food Festival, Naga city; Kamundagan Festival, Naga city; Bicol Arts Festival, Naga city; Kaogma Festival, Camarines Sur; Voyadores Festival, Naga city; Tinagba Festival, Iriga City; Pintakasi, Iriga city; Baybayon Festival, Sagñay; Alinsangan/Boa-Boahan Festival, Nabua; Karanowan Festival, Bato; May Ilaoud Festival, Milaor; Bikol Pastores Festival, Calabanga; Kadahoman Festival, Lagonoy; Harana Festival, San Jose; Sinarapan Festival, San Buenaventura, Buhi; Tig-aw Festival, Tigaon; Pasa-Pasa Ikaw Festival, Pasacao; Cimarrones Festival, Pili;

Catanduanes: Catandungan Festival, Virac;; Sibubog Festival, Bato.

Masbate: Rodeo Masbateño, Masbate; Lapay Bantique, Masbate city; Dayaw Dalan Festival, Ticao Island; Himag-Ulaw Festival, Placer; Pasa Pasa Festival, Monreal.

Sorsogon: Sorsogon Festival, Sorsogon city; Kasangayahan Festival, Sorsogon; Padaraw Festival, Bulan; Ginubat Festival, Gubat; Hin-ay Festival, Irosin; Butanding Festival, Donsol; Unod Festival, Castilla; Parau Festival, Pilar; Busaingan Festival, Sta. Magdalena.

While we must have missed a hundred or so fiesta and festivals in Bicol, might as well add and suggest for more, these: Balaw or Balaw-balaw festival (Krills), Niyog (coconut) or Buko (Young coconut) festival, Natong or Gabi festival, Mais or corn festival, Daing or Tuyo (dried fish) festival; Linsa or Gallang festival, Ragiwdiw festival, Tinapa festival, Lassa grass/Soft broom festival (Manito), Sinarapan festival (Buhi).

In the end, once we fill up all the days of the year with known and concocted festivals and fiestas, wouldn’t it be fun all the more in Bicol and the Philippines?

But the grandest of all would be a PDAF festival where a king and queen, and their consorts and cohorts, gets to be crowned and a parade in their dishonor on all streets of the country would be a fitting culmination of the event on their way to the gallows. (If ever the government muster the guts and acquire the ball to really straighten up and follow the uncrooked path.) It will be the fiesta of all fiestas!


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