TRASH TALK: How Canadians bash Trudeau on garbage sent back by Duterte

How Canadians bash Trudeau on garbage sent back by Duterte
Trash Talk: How Canadians bash Trudeau on garbage sent back by Duterte

Canadians react with disdain on government officials, which include PM Justin Trudeau and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, due to garbage dumping in the Philippines.

Watch how independent conservative YouTube channel shares reaction and more below:

[At 1:40, notice the government official sitting right of President Duterte make face, reacting to the ‘joke’ or is it not?]

So interesting that one comment posted, said:

“Duterte broke as much promises as Justin Trudeau. He is also mad. He had said he does not want to go to war with China because they will be wiped out, yet threatens Canada? Our 2nd hand F18 will whip his puny airforce in just one hour. Besides, Filipinos know that Duterte is using this issue to whip up Fake nationalism to pretend he is a strongman. He knows he will go to jail once his term ends. So, he is stacking the best odds by making sure his people are in high government position when he retires.”

This one is scorching:

“Imagine being bullied by the island nation that gave away their territory to Chicoms this goes to show how much of a Joke Trudy has turned Canada into on the world stage.”

Watch the second take and learn more detail of what Canada will do with the trash afterwards. Obviously, not a very good solution, though.

But wait, pushing the mic further, Rebel reporter Jessica Swietoniowski interviews Filipino Canadians for reaction, below:

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