Bicol Teachers College and High School Trained Good Graduates

Senior Officers IV-A & IV-B Class of 1949- Front row, seating, left to right: Natividad Cadague, Paulino Cabrera, Atty. Daniel O Banks, Sr., Andres Hernandez, Gliceria Sioson. Second row, standing, from left: Severina San Miguel, Socorro Villante, Herminina Zardilla, Leticia Tabora, Primo Romero, Manuel Avila, Jesus R. Docoto, Nellie Celevante, Ernestina Pelonio Teodora Cadague, Bonifacia Falcon. Third row, from left: David Naval, Antonio Bonot, Macario Elopre, Remigio Pascual, Prospero Naval, Achilles Tordila, Juan Palma, Vicente Bonot.

There must be rich memories spun and created behind the Bicol Teachers College and Bicol High School that alumni of the defunct twin institutions in Calabanga town keep a semi-active reunion dates. This, despite the graduates are now octogenarians and many are in far off places or gone to their final resting place.

But those still around Calabanga and the vicinities and even those outside the community keep contact with acquaintances from time to time.

I know few of them. Some are actually relatives on my mother side. David Hernandez, when in town has stories to tell about those good old days, as if, it only happened yesterday.

Part of the Bicol High School Graduating Class of 1949.

In a brief span of about eight years, the institutions graduated hundreds of locals. Its presence saved the struggling post World War II period parents from sending their children to far away Naga. That time, it was an effort going to the center of education due to severe lack of means of transportation and money. The approximate eleven kilometer distance between Calabanga and Naga was a challenging length for a walk that time.

Studying in Naga meant living with some relatives. One can not go home on a daily basis. Others only come home once a month. Hence, the best option were the local schools.

But the effort and trust on the twin institutions were not for nothing. It graduated a good crop of “new” and disciplined young citizens of the community. Some of the graduates find themselves jobs, mostly as elementary grades teachers. During that period, teachers were much needed hereabout.

To name a few, Atty. David Naval, Sr. (father of CamSur 3rd district board member Angel Naval) was a product of the Bicol High School and Teachers College. Atty. Vicente Bonot, Sr., also graduated from there. Both Calabangueños proved their mettle. Later, they were elected on different times and terms as provincial board members (equivalent to the current Sangguniang Panlalawigan) of the province of Camarines Sur. Antonio Bonot progressed into a successful businessman. Others moved on to occupy important positions in schools, and in government and private organizations.

It may be too late, but, by way of this Bicol Street Journal post, we honor the good memories and efforts of the people behind the Bicol High School and Teachers College. We are placing, in a virtual pedestal of honorable memorials the founder- Atty. Perfecto Tabora and the handful of teachers, including, among others, Atty. Daniel O. Banks, Sr., that nurtured the youths until their graduation. They did a splendid job.

This writer only hope the town can do something more than that token marker on the side streets of barangay Del Carmen and San Antonio. If not for the alumni, we would not have seen one to perpetuate the memory and good service the schools gave to the town and the communities.(

Photos by Bob Adupe


7 thoughts on “Bicol Teachers College and High School Trained Good Graduates”

  1. I am so enthused to see the pictures of the Class of 1949 Bicol High School graduates who among in the pictures were those successful kababayan to mention a few, Board Members Atty Vicente Bonot and Atty. David Naval.

    I am so proud that I am also an alumni of the Bicol High School 1954. I am so thankful that our town had the opportunity to have these 2 institutions. If this did not happened, I would never have a chance to live here in Los Angeles, California with a family.

  2. I am from Los Banos, Laguna, but studied at the Bicol Teachers College from 1962 to 1966. I am proud to be a graduate of the Bicol Teachers College, and through the Bicol Street Journal, I hope to re-connect with former classmates. I have recently retired from the University of the Philippines Los Banos, where I taught English for 14 years.

    I will always have fond memories of the Bicol Teachers College.

  3. Bicol Teachers College, a school we dearly love,
    a shrine of learning firm and strong,
    shedding her light throughout the land,
    the flow’rs may wither, men may die,
    the blue may fade out from the sky,
    but th(e)y banner will be always proudly waving in the summer breeze,
    hail, BTC, symbol of glory,
    we all pledge our lives to thee,
    born to inspire and guide us ever,
    keep thy torch flame bright fore’er,
    once again we pledge our all,
    dedicating hearts and souls,
    to the cause of learning and to thee,
    Alma Mater mine.

    oh, my dear classmates, please let me hear from you. my email address is

  4. sorry for the typographical error in the BTC Song. Line 6 should read “but thy banner” not “but they banner.”

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