FLASHBACK: The Peñafrancia Traslacion of 2019

Facade of the Shrine of Peñafrancia Church
Facade of the Peñafancia Shine, original home of the Virgin of Peñafrancia before the Basilica was constructed accros the Naga river in Barangay Balatas. Now there are three images of the Virgin occupying the main altars of the Shrine, the Basilica and the Naga Cathedral. The original image that used to occupy the altar of the Shrine is safely stored, while replicas are now displayed in all venues. Right center, notice the Basilica peeping in-between the tree foliage.

The undying devotion of Bicolanos to the Blessed Virgin Mary is replicated every year with the religious celebration and observance of Peñafrancia feastivities and festivities.

This is a quick throwback of the Peñafrancia Traslacion of September 13, 2019.

The event ushered the second leg of official observance of the Bicolano faithful devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary,.

The first leg began when the images of the Virgin and the Divino Rostro were transferred from the Basilica Minore to the Shrine across the river.

So that the second leg comprises the transfer (procession) of the images from the Shrine to the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral which happened on September 13, 2019.

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Continuous highlight of the celebration are the almost non-stop Catholic services on the three churches.

On Saturday afternoon next week, another traslacion and fluvial procession by the Naga river will bring back the venerated images to the Basilica capping the nine-day observance.


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