TRUTH BITES: The plight of mass migration hurting Europe

European landmass.
European landmass.

The most important and relevant documentary movie drops today. Will it be truth bites the plight of mass migration hurting Europe?

We are referring to the much awaited “Borderless” movie by independent Canadian activist-journalist Lauren Southern and her team.

After months enduring the rigors (and danger) of (clandestine) location filming, documentation and editing, coupled with the basic shortage of financial support at the start of the project, millions will have the free opportunity of watching the movie at the comfort of their living rooms.

The groundbreaking documentary on mass migration and immigration now enveloping much of Europe (Ed: but also, in north America) will have a novel and independent look and presentation devoid of bias.

True to her truth-seeker form, Southern is proving she has more balls than European politicians and leftists combined.

During her speech at the European Parliament, Southern opined:

“Borderless will not placate you with talking points. It won’t make you take a side. It will hopefully force those on either side to realize there’s an entirely different way to look at this crisis. One built by being there and not theorizing. We’ve spent far too long inviting the world into Europe because we were told that is the good and decent thing to do.

“Why did we decide that was a decent thing to do? Well, we were told it was the way to help people, to give them a better life, the life they deserved! Unfortunately we didn’t spend much time checking to see if that hope was truly the result of our actions though.

“We acted on impulse, on a desire to be perceived as decent and kind, but it seems the result of this conditionless invitation has once again been a misguided blunder by well-meaning ill considered Western bleeding hearts.”

“It’s reminiscent of the Toms shoes situation where people did not realize the ‘buy a shoe give a shoe’ policy was devastating local shoe industry and self sustainability in certain areas.

“If we don’t take our time to educate ourselves fully on issues and the outcome of our actions then we cannot truly apply the terms “good” or “moral” to them.”

“There’s little virtue in acting out of attention-seeking rather than a calculated educated plan to help people every step of the way. Borderless is about another similar ‘virtuous’ plan unleashed on Europe and immigrants with only one step. No borders, invite the world in because it sounds good.”

But first, let’s have a sneak peek of the project published on Oct. 31st 2018:

And below is the (back-up) documentary millions are waiting to see. Be enlightened:

And below is the embedded link which was working yesterday and early today (May 25, 2019) until “somebody” messed the embedded documentary.

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  1. The movie premier seems to hit a stumbling block. YouTube “may have” stopped the premier consistent with its stand of blocking, shadow banning and censorship. Too bad.

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