Cbanga360 Followers Appreciation Day

Just thought that I should have a “followers” appreciation day. As a starter will relocate the blogger followers box and widget. Appreciation will commence every fourth Monday which include a visit of their blog. And in future posts, will also highlight/mention the blog’s general content.

How many times would I tell myself that if ever I follow one’s blog, it is because the contents strike a strong and compelling interest that make me check it out on a regular basis and not just to reciprocate a friendly gesture.

By the way, will include too, followers of the Cbanga360 pages on Facebook and Bloglog. How’s that for a starter? And since we have got a handful of followers, it’s a brisk task ahead.


0 thoughts on “Cbanga360 Followers Appreciation Day”

  1. Just wish that I could click on my followers link so I can directly visit (1) In Southern Land; (2) Irene Toh’s Note’s from the Lion city, but hey, am following her, so that was easy; (3) Jo; (4) Bonnie Bonsai; and (5) Mark Kreider’s. Could it be their option on sharing profile unchecked yet? Then, I have to find a work around here.

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