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The Gate To Palace of Archbishop of Caceres

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First Published         23 Feb , 2010      4:01 pm      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)

The gate opens up and lead to the Archbishop’s Palace, the official residence of the Archbishop of Caceres in Elias Angeles street in the city of Naga.

One of the pioneer dioceses in the Philippines, Caceres was canonically erected in August 14, 1595 with the approval of Pope Clement VIII, together with Cebu (in southern Philippines) and Nueva Segovia (Ilocos, northern Philippines), when Manila was elevated to an archbishopric. The original territory covers the entire Bicol region, the provinces of Quezon, Batangas, and Isabela in north Luzon.

It was elevated to an archdiocese on June 29, 1951; now it is the Metropolitan See with the Dioceses of Daet, Legaspi, Virac, Sorsogon, Masbate and the Prelature of Libmanan as suffragans. Its titular saint is St. Peter the Baptist.

The current archbishop, and the 32nd occupant of the palace is Most Reverend Leonardo Z. Legazpi, OP.

This is my post for This is My World. Many thanks to Klaus, Sandy, Wren, Fishing Guy, Louise and Sylvia for hosting this wonderful meme: My World – Tuesday.

First Published         23 Feb , 2010      4:01 pm      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)


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  1. Japa says:

    Was I late? Just so busy here, but will visit later friends who dropped by.

  2. SandyCarlson says:

    That’s an impressive building.

  3. This Is My Blog - fishing guy says:

    Japa: What a neat capture of the palace and interesting information on all that is important.

  4. Carver says:

    Great shot and an interesting post.

  5. Japa says:

    Sandy, Fishing Guy and Carver,

    Thanks for the visit.

  6. zeal4adventure says:

    Looks like a grand palace. Wonder how it is inside…

  7. Japa says:


    Will spare a trip to take inside shots of the place. Thanks for the visit.

  8. P Sydney says:

    I think you’ve made some truly interesting points. Not too many people would actually think about this the way you just did. I’m really impressed that there’s so much about this subject that’s been uncovered and you did it so well, with so much class. Good one you, man! Really great stuff here.

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