What will happen if user flags down a Facebook post?


Facebook users can flag or report any content, including Live videos in progress, as offensive for one of a variety of reasons, including that it depicts violence.

Even a single report flag sends the content to be reviewed by Facebook’s Community Standards team, which operates 24/7 worldwide. These team members can review content whether it’s public or privately shared.

Just remember that the volume of flags made on a single post does not have bearing on whether content is or isn’t reviewed, and a higher number of flags will not trigger an automatic take-down.

Its true that Facebook asks users to report a video as violent, or with any of the other options. It will then be reviewed by team members trained to determine whether the content violates Facebook’s standards.

Any of these is a possible outcome to a review.

1) The content does not violate Facebook’s standards and is not considered graphic, and is left online as is.

2) The content violates Facebook’s standards and is taken down.

3) The content is deemed graphic or disturbing but not a violation, and is left online but with a disclaimer. The black disclaimer screen hides the preview of the content and says “Warning – Graphic Video. Videos that contain graphic content can shock, offend, or upset. Are you sure you want to see this?” These videos do not auto-play in the News Feed, and are typically barred from being seen by users under 18.

  1. Live videos can be reviewed while they’re still in progress if reported, and Facebook can interrupt and shut down the stream if it violates the standards. Facebook also monitors any public stream that reaches a high enough level of viewers.

If Facebook’s team believes a person depicted in shared content is a threat to themselves or others, it will contact local law enforcement. It will also encourage users flagging the content to contact the authorities.

Overall, these policies do not appear to be overly restrictive. Facebook’s censorship rules focus on the glorification of violence, such as videos posted to promote or celebrate terrorism.

  • What will happen if user flags down a Facebook post?


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