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What will happen if user flags down a Facebook post?

Facebook users can flag or report any content, including Live videos in progress, as offensive for one of a variety of reasons, including that it depicts violence. Even a single report flag sends the content to be reviewed by Facebook’s Community Standards team, which operates 24/7 worldwide. These team members […]

What to avoid in posting live video on Facebook

All things said about posting live video and photos on Facebook, more so if it is graphic and shows violence has some perimeters to follow. So, here’s what to avoid in posting live video on the most popular social media sharing site in the internet. Active Facebook users might as […]

#ABSCBNUNETHICAL is trending in social media now!

Who is the person, group of persons, civic organization, religious organization? behind, pushing this trending tweet, that so many have joined, and are joining the bandwagon? [five_sixth_last] While we were almost inclined to repost some of the tweets, it is better to leave them at that. It is because it […]

Are you ready for 10,000 character limit per tweet?

Are you ready for 10,000 character limit per tweet? Is this good news for twit addicts? The possibility of posting tweets up to 10,000 characters is in the neighborhood. According to well informed sources in the industry, Twitter may soon introduce the new feature which will allow users to send […]

Brussels court orders Facebook to stop tracking users

A Brussels court has ordered Facebook to stop tracking Belgian internet users when they browse third-party websites, or face substantial daily fines, local media reported on Monday. According to L’Echo newspaper, the social network has 48 hours to comply with the order, or incur a fine of 250,000 euros (USD268,560) […]

Dislike button coming up in Facebook?

Facebook is testing in Europe, specifically in Ireland and Spain an up and coming feature that one day could be implemented “Facebook-wide.” I am referring to the “Dislike” button that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced last month. But not the great “Dislike” one can think of. This could be the […]

Facebook to sanitize newsfeed of fake news, hoaxes

What’s new on Facebook? Facebook to sanitize newsfeed of fake news, hoaxes. The giant social network site is more intent than ever in sanitizing its unstoppable newsfeed of fake news, hoaxes, scams like deliberate false or untrue news stories. But instead of reviewing content and determine on the accuracy, Facebook […]

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