Palace mum on latest SC decision on DAP

Palace mum on latest SC decision on DAP

MANILA, Feb. 4 — Malacanang officials declined to comment on the latest decision of the Supreme Court (SC) regarding the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) saying they have not received a copy of the decision.

Communications Secretary Coloma stressed that there is a need to verify the reports and fully understand the High Court’s decision, which was made after deliberating on the government’s motion for reconsideration submitted after the SC declared in 2014 that some parts of the DAP are unconstitutional.


Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda, in a statement, cited that based on the limited information from lawyer and SC spokesperson Theodore Te “the SC has upheld the doctrine of Operative Fact which declared all acts are valid until they are declared unconstitutional.”

The SC has changed its ruling on the DAP by declaring two acts, instead of three, as unconstitutional.

One of these two is the withdrawal of unobliged allotments from the implementing agencies and the decleration of the withdrawn funds and unreleased appropriations as savings even if the said fiscal year is not yet over, which runs against the definition of savings under the General Appropriation Act.

The second act pertains to cross-border transfer of savings of the executive department to offices outside the executive department.


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