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TV host makes fake commercial about United Airlines and it is funny and sad

12 Apr , 2017  

American TV host makes fake commercial about United Airlines and it is funny and sad. Thank you Jimmy Kimmel for placing on the front row seat the flight of the obviously Asian man on that United Airlines plane. When already the details of the incident had been swarm-broadcasted on cable and free channels, more TV […]

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Facebook shares hoax on alleged burning of Christian churches in India

25 Jan , 2017  

Users of the Facebook ecosystem once more get affronted with not one, but many fake news on a daily basis. Currently being tossed (read shared) by some is this hoax about the Christian churches being burned or set to be put on fire in India. Yes, Facebook allows the sharing of a hoax on alleged […]

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Robredo back from USA, visits NIA road fire victims

3 Jan , 2017  

The good news here is that upon arrival of Vice-President Leni Robredo on Monday at the airport, she visited immediately the fire victims in Quezon City. From a facebook post, Ms.Bella Enriquez said:”Straight from the airport, VP Leni Robredo visits affected residents of the NIA Road fire, promises to coordinate solution to housing problem. She […]


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Video: Watch a real car-size transformer named Letrons

18 Dec , 2016  

What do you want for Christmas? A toy car-transformer? Someone can’t get enough of the smaller version of car transformers. So big boys play with close to real, big toys, too. Watch this car engineered to transform from a four-wheeled car to, well, as expected a transformer. But don’t hope yet it can walk or […]

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As Vine say goodbye, Giphy welcome its stars and fanbase

2 Nov , 2016  

Who will miss Vine? Many, among them the Pinoy fanbase, and more. This as Twitter already announced it will totally kill off the struggling short-form video sharing platform Vine in the coming months. It was brought about by the restructuring of the company which affected some 350 employees shown the entrance door to unemployment. The […]


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Watch YouTube superstar PewDiePie reacts on “alleged game reviews”

14 Jul , 2016  

Here’s how number 1 YouTube superstar PewDiePie reacted to the reaction of various tech and social media sites on the “PewDiePie Scandal.” With 46,278,640 subscribers and followers and counting, he is a force to reckon with. Listen as he talks of not needing specifically the bashers who made a good coverage of the issue to […]

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What to avoid in posting live video on Facebook

11 Jul , 2016  

All things said about posting live video and photos on Facebook, more so if it is graphic and shows violence has some perimeters to follow. So, here’s what to avoid in posting live video on the most popular social media sharing site in the internet. Active Facebook users might as well follow the policy of […]

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125,000 terrorism-related accounts get ax from Twitter

6 Feb , 2016  

Twitter said on Friday it has suspended 125,000 accounts primarily related to the terrorist group known as Islamic State (IS) since the middle of 2015. The social media network said in a tweet that its policy does not permit the use of Twitter to promote terrorism. Twitter, compared with other US-based networks of its kind, […]

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#ABSCBNUNETHICAL is trending in social media now!

2 Feb , 2016  

Who is the person, group of persons, civic organization, religious organization? behind, pushing this trending tweet, that so many have joined, and are joining the bandwagon? [five_sixth_last] While we were almost inclined to repost some of the tweets, it is better to leave them at that. It is because it seems there is some orchestration, […]

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Scottish Facebook joke offends Kyrgyz people, may land in slammer

4 Jan , 2016  

Posting and sharing photos on one’s Facebook page is so OK. But be careful in adding a description or comment, more specially when it can offend other people. Take this case when an immigrant worker Michael McFeat from Abernethy, Perthshire, Scotland (Great Britain) posted on December 31st a New Year corporate party photo of Kyrgistan’s […]

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8 Most popular NASA images shared in Instagram in 2015

2 Jan , 2016  

Here is a round-up of the 8 most popular images shared by NASA in social sharing site Instagram for the past year of 2015. 1. Pluto The dwarf planet sent a love note back to Earth via the New Horizons spacecraft, which traveled more than 9 years and 3+ billion miles. This was the last […]

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Hashtag of Pinoy tweets dominate year end of social network ecosystem

31 Dec , 2015  

Hashtag of Pinoy tweets dominate year end of social network ecosystem. These Twitter hash tags are viral in Philippine trends, the social network ecosystem will close the year 2015 shrieking and opens a new year shrieking. What can you expect? So we randomly take a pick of a sample each, below: No. 1 #ALDUB24thWeeksary – […]

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Really, candidates do not rest during the Christmas holidays!

28 Dec , 2015  

Really, candidate do not rest during the Christmas holidays! Or, maybe more proper is that candidates do not let their assistants rest during the holidays(?) Look who sent a message! All candidates for elective national position for the upcoming May 2016 elections do not rest during the christmas holidays. At least that is the notion […]

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Stop being part of the Facebook Hoax now!

1 Oct , 2015  

Stop circulating the Facebook privacy hoax now! I can’t take it anymore. Too many people, educated and otherwise have fallen prey to the hoax circulating in the most popular social media site, the Facebook. Many friends and associates have taken to circulating and multiplying everything of the hoax, all of its “hook and sinker” untruthful […]

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CamNorte Gov. Tallado and wife back in each others’ arms

1 Jul , 2015  

Never mind if Camarines Norte Governor Edgar Tallado was ousted as member of the ruling Liberal party. Somehow, he may no longer attempt to reclaim the membership, but for now, he is happy being reunited with his wife after a separation following his scandalous affair with a young provincial employee. The LP stripped Tallado of […]

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Filipinos rank fifth happiest citizens in the world – Gallup survey

22 Mar , 2015  

MANILA, March 22 — Happy to learn that the Filipinos ranked the fifth happiest citizens in the world! according to the result of a global survey. The Philippines scored 80, based on a research conducted by the Gallup, a US-based performance-management consulting firm. Leading the survey is Paraguay which scored 89. Followed by Colombia, Ecuador […]


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Fil-Am Snapchat co-founder is newest dollar billionaire

9 Mar , 2015  

Filipino-American Robert “Bobby” Murphy is listed by Forbes as one of the newest billionaires for 2015. He is listed to have a net worth of US $1.5 billion, making him the second youngest dollar billionaire. He owns an estimated 13 per cent in Snapchat. Murphy is currently the chief technology officer of Snapchat Inc., with […]

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Have you read Pope Francis tweets? The latest about PH

20 Jan , 2015  

With a growing number in followers (now 5.32 million), Pope Francis twits are viral. The Holy Father has been sending tweets since February of 2012. Fresh from his Apostolic Visit of the Philippines and Sri Lanka, his tweets are profound and far reaching. Sa aking mga kaibigan sa Sri Lanka at Pilipinas: Naway pagpalain kayo […]


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