10 Fun photos of Boracay you will help preserve its prestine beauty forever

It’s always fun in Boracay. The small island is a beach paradise. Tourists come and go. Beautiful memories are made.

Can these 10 Instagram photos convince you to preserve the distinct beauty of the island forever?



But wait. The Sangkalikasan Producers Cooperative (SPC) has expressed alarm over the unrestricted pollution that contributes to the deterioration of the coral reef bud areas around the island resort.

A member of the cooperative observed that marine biologists conducted a survey last month in the area. The finding confirmed that nutrient indicator algae (NIA) is present in the sea at a very high level.

The finding just proves that with NIA in Boracay seas also means high sewage pollution in the coral reefs.

Last year the same occurrence of high presence of NIA was obtained in the area but reefbud coral was able to rebound and recover.

Jose Rodriguez of the SPC recommends that high priority of stopping the recurring problem is doable thru waste management control.

Buzz facts: Boracay is an internationally acclaimed tourist island-haven off the coast of northern Aklan province having three barangays with a combined population of 28,369 which is more than half the residents of its mainland mother town of Malay. Boracay’s business and revenue magnet is propping the local government’s annual regular income Malay dream of becoming a city very soon may come true.


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