Tourists that visit the Philippines come from these 13 countries


The country recorded 4.39 million foreign visitors from January to October of 2015, a significant increase which is up 11.3 percent from 3.96 million a year ago.

The Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT) said the country would likely meet the year-end target of 5.2 million international visitor arrivals.

Do you know the top tourist arrivals came from 13 countries and territories? Well, here’s the list:

1. United States, 636,658

2. Japan, 417,147

3. China, 415,868

4. Australia, 188,971

5. Singapore, 150,405

6. Malaysia, 129,120

7. United Kingdom, 123,414

8. Canada, 120,903.

9. Hong Kong, 104,075.

10. Saudi Arabia, 44,339;

11. France, 37,135;

11. Netherlands, 22,620

12. Spain with 19,208

13. New Zealand, 15,724

Maybe this new development will increase tourist arrival soon. The flag carrier Philippine Airlines and low-cost airline Cebu Pacific will soon fly between Manila and the Russian capital of Moscow.

The Civil Aeronautics Board has allocated five frequency entitlements to PAL and three frequency entitlements to Cebu Pacific.

PAL seeks five-times weekly flights between Manila and Moscow; three times weekly between Manila and Khabarovsk; and four times weekly between Cebu and Khabarovsk.

Cebu Pacific seeks three times weekly flights between Manila and Moscow and between Manila and Vladivostok.

One negative factor that the prospective tourist reads from travel and review sites include the crammed, traffic-jammed streets, most especially of Metro Manila.


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