BSP wants you to know the Philippine bank notes are hard to counterfeit

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas wants you to know that it would be very difficult to produce a counterfeit of the new generation Philippine bank notes now in circulation.

With the very stringent process, the bank note paper used made up of cotton with Philippine abaca, and all other security features put in place on its production, who will have the courage to do one?

To make sure no one will ever attempt but also educate the people, it has put up a very informative video which tells of “the color of money runs deeper than the obvious.”

Actually, it is really worth watching as one can get well informed about the history of our money, the personalities and iconic wonders included in the printed piso in circulation now and in the past.

Going back full circle by the way, who would rush to counterfeit the piso when its value is shrinking against the US dollar?

Meanwhile, watch the video we are talking about, below:


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