PANDEMIC: WHO turns political EXCLUDES TAIWAN from novel coronavirus ASSISTANCE

flag of the Republic of China in Taiwan.
Flag of the Republic of China

As the rest of the world holds its breath in the blow by blow update on the pandemic threat of novel corona virus, Taiwan was being left alone to fend for its residents. The island of Taiwan is the seat of government of the Republic of China which has an approximate population of 24 million people.

This development was exposed as the World Health Organization (WHO) bends down on the pressure from the communist People’s Republic of China’s move following its diplomatic isolation of the island-republic.

Premier Su Tseng-chang of the Republic of China (Taiwan) earlier presided a closed-door conference on novel coronavirus preparedness on Thursday. He reminded various central and local agencies to prepare for a (medium to long-term) battle by stockpiling supplies, preparing treatment centers, taking procedures to contain disease and risk of contamination.

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The government has placed orders with manufacturers for four million face masks even as Hong Kong is already experiencing shortage of supply.

Eight infected Taiwanese are confirmed to have entered the country are suspected to have transferred infection to 27 persons thay had associated with upon arrival. Health authorities disclosed one indigenous case of transmission (a person who had the virus after being exposed while only in Taiwan) has been confirmed.

There are about a hundred cases of persons with severe pnuemonia undergoing careful monitoring making sure they are negative of the #2019nCoV infection.

The government has imposed on its citizen strict compliance on the protocol for the containment of the virus. It has issued warning that punishment awaits those who conceal their medical history, break quarantine, or provide inaccurate information of travel, among other rules.

It also warned that spreading disinformation related to novel coronavirus will be facing criminal indictment.

Health practioners in the island-nation lament that they cannot obtain accurate, factual information about the progress and spread of the virus from the World Health Organization.

The PRC (China) has stopped Taiwan of their observer status from the United Nation’s World Health Organization (WHO) which all started in 2016, depriving the country of formal direct assistance.

The dismissal from the world health body came about after the election of Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan’s opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as the first elected female president. Tsai strongly supports an independent Republic of China in Taiwan.

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