What Could be Done Better with the Inarihan Dam

This is the lock of the Inarihan dam located in barangay (village) Binaliw of Calabanga constructed many decades ago. It is part of the Tigman-Hinagyanan-Inarihan river Irrigation System (THIRIS) in Camarines Sur, said to be the largest National Irrigation System (NIS) in the Bicol river basin. On this our visit, we witnessed the lack of maintenance whatsoever on the structure and about the surrounding dam all left for itself.

The THIRIS covers the watershed areas of Tigman, in the towns of Calabanga and Tinambac, Hinagyanan and Inarihan, both in Calabanga, with a total land service area of 3,542 hectares (8,752.47 acres).

Ini an pinto kan Inarihan dam sa barangay kan Binaliw itinugdok nagkaperang dekada na an naka-agi. Parte kan Tigman-Hinagyanan-Inarihan- river irrigation system (THIRIS) sa provincia kan Camarines Sur., sinasabi na pinakadakula na sistema pang irigasyon sa laog kan Bicol river basin. Sa samuyang pagbisita, nahiling an kadaihan nin pag mantenir nin anopaman sa istruktura kaiba an kapalibutan kan dam.

An THIRIS sakop an lugar kan katangyanan-kakahuyan kan Tigman, sa banwaan kan Calabanga asin Tinambac, an Hinagyanan asin Inarihan , pareho sa Calabanga, na may total na dagang kahiwasan 3,542 ektarya.

The THIRIS of the National Irrigation AdministrationSystem (NIA), is under the (BRBWMP) Bicol River Basin Water Management Program of the office of the president of the Philippines. The BRBWMP traverses 37 municipalities, 4 cities and covers a drainage area of 317,389 hectares (784,285.29 acres) in the provinces of Camarines Sur, Camarines Norte and Albay.

Last year, it was announced the THIRIS system was set for modernization. One of the purpose was to enforce effective flood control measures and services to reduce the incidence of losses to lives and properties of communities in the most flood vulnerable areas. Also, it is expected to rehabilitate and upgrade the irrigation and drainage facilities for improved control of irrigation water diversions, delivery and service.

An THIRIS kan National Irrigation Administration, sakop kan Bicol River Basin Water Management Program sa iraom kan oficina ka presidente kan Pilipinas. An BRBWMP sakop man an 37 munisipyo asin apat na ciudad na may 317,389 ektarya sa provincia kan Camarines Sur, Camarines Norte asin Albay.

Kan sarong taon, napag-araman na an THIRIS isasairarom sa modernisasyon. Saro sa mga objecto iyo an implimentasyon kan efektibong kontrol kontra baha asin serbisyo ngani maibitaran an pagkawara nin buhay as propiyedades sa komunidad na posibleng abuton tubig baha. Hinihiling na ini mamantenir asin mapauswag an facilidad sa irigasyon asin pagwaswas para mapakarhay an kontrol kan dibersyon, pagbulos asin servicio kan tubig.

Meanwhile, the people in the municipality of Lupi are up in arms against the on-going construction of the Libmanan-Cabusao dam, a P700 million project, seen as the birthday gift of president Arroyo to her son and Camarines Sur first district congressman Dato. The project is being implemented by the NIA under the BRBWMP. The dam touted to be the region’s biggest will submerge three or more barangays of Lupi town.

The project is part of a P1.8 billion public works package which includes a construction of a skyway (highway) connecting the towns of Libmanan and Canaman, traversing the Bicol river. According to the 2007 census, the towns of Lupi has a population of 27,630; Libmanan, 92,839; and Canaman, 31,583.

Mientras tanto, an mga kahimanwa sa banwaan kan Lupi, urog na gayo idtong mga afektado, dai tugot an pag tugdok kan Libmanan-Cabusao dam, an P700 milyon na proyekto, nahiling sarong regalo kan presidente Arroyo sa kumpleanyo kan primer distrito na depotado asin aki na si Dato. An proyekto pinag-implimentar kan NIA sa irarm kan BRBWMP. An dam kinokonsidera na iyo an magiging pinakadakula sa rehiyon Bicol lalantopon an mas pa sa tolong barrio kan banwaan nin Lupi.

An proyekto parte kan P1.9 bilyon na prosupuesto sa pampublikong patrabaho na kaiba sa pagtugdok kan skyway na magkabit kan banwaan nin Libmanan asi Canaman, babalyohon an salog kan Bicol.

Segun sa census kan taon 2007, an banwaan kan Lupi may populasyon nin 27,630; Libmanan, 92,839; asin Canaman, 31,583.

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  1. Dear, I am so happy for your comment and words…Thank u very much..
    before I visit your blog, never heard about your city…also, never visited Philipines…but I have an excellent blogger friend…EBIe..she was born there..congrats for the shot…great

    have a nice weekeend, dearest

  2. Thanks for visiting. Interesting blog – more about dams than sky but a dam like that certainly is dominating the scene!

  3. That is the trouble with Philippine dirty politics. Why is our country besetted with damn stupid leaders like ours?

    They can’t do things without personal vested interest involve.

    There are many ways to do things without destructing places, livelihood and lives if they only know how to be resourceful in expanding the work of their brains.

    What a shame! I still love our country because it is the root of my life.

  4. Bonnie Bonsai,

    It’s hard to curve the appetite for more wealth and power of those we placed in the helm of the government. That is why the people, the ordinary people, should be given the chance to get the correct information and truth and accorded the proper forum and the right to be heard and listened to. Before it’s too late.

  5. I’m learning quite a bit here by reading your recent posts… A more personal perspective on your country~
    all the best to you * Maria

  6. thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the nice comments. your blog is very interesting. and now I know where calabanga is!

  7. Hi Japa, I don’t know if we can make good changes of our country, too much is going on, especially with the coming election or chacha.

    I hope our government learns from the previous tragic experiences.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Ebie,

    Hi. People should always be vigilant. The problem is, we have short memory and always taken for a ride. It is not the government but the “little ones” should learn from lessons of the past.

  9. First time I have heard about that dam. Damn dams causing lots of trouble lately. Well we are heading to CamSur this summer, and I should learn more about it. Thanks Japa.


  10. Interesting post. I hope the flood control works, but it is never nice when people lose their homes to new projects.

  11. Dams are such imposing structures. Sometimes I am scared of their might if it were to collapse. Most of the times, I like the scenery around dams.

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