The truth about migrants “invading” US and Europe

To get a good grasp of the illegal immigrant crisis in the United States (America), and in Europe (European Union), we are sharing below two video coverage, one for each.

These are different takes on the massive migrant caravan that began marching from Central America, mostly coming from Honduras, with ultimate goal of breaching the Mexican border and entering the United States illegally. 

Illegal immigrants spurred by support from NGOs and organizations challenging the immigration laws of the United States. Screen grab from the first video below.

The second tackles the lingering immigration crisis, now a bone of contention between the European Union and its member states, caused by the crossing of migrants coming from north Africa and Asia into Europe mainland.

Thanks to independent filmmaker Ami Horowitz, embedded himself in the caravan currently, and expose the real truth.

Watch this video, a stark departure from the narrative of US mainstream media, more particularly those on the left. 

Overwhelming Majority of Caravan Participants are Economic Migrants and NOT Refugees

One support organizer was candid enough at admitting the illegal immigrants are given large scale orientation for options for “refugee and  humanitarian protection” and game the US immigration system.

But wait, on the other side of the globe, in Europe, the same illegal migrant crisis is still unfolding. Below, watch the video by Canadian conservative and Libertarian filmmaker Lauren Southern and find stark similarities.  

Video Exposes NGO Teaching Migrants How to Trick ‘Stupid’ EU Border Guards

Editor’s Note: Hours after the video posted by Lauren Southern hit YouTube and her website, the Twitter account and Facebook page of NGO Advocates Abroad was deleted, which seemed to confirm the veracity of the report.


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