Watch Double Epic Fail in Ilocos Norte

The soon to become bald mountainside will pose challenge for upcoming rainy days.
The soon to become bald mountainside will pose challenge for upcoming rainy days.

Yes, totally true.

The epic fails in Ilocos Norte.

One of which was the “cable cart” ride which amused the passengers at first. Then afterwards lost the interest for the operator obviously had difficulty maneuvering the cart up its destination and back.

But hey, it was a good try.

The footage was taken from an original video recorded using a Sony handycam Hi-8 digital camera in 2005, or fourteen years ago.

The second epic fail was, and is about, the dying, drying mighty Padsan river reduced to a small stream. The vast river now exposed its dry riverbed.

In yesteryears, it was a source of bountiful supply of freshwater fish. Fishermen navigate the river with boats.

Now, locals cross the shallow stream by foot.

I don’t have any idea the footage would become a recorded document of how natural resources were ravaged and show its effect before our eyes.

The balding mountain backdrop totally show the effect of disregard for environment and natural resources of those concerned.

We may update this info if our planned trip to Ilocos Norte this summer (2019) would materialize.

Watch the video posted on our Youtube channel HERE.

Or, watch it below:

[Video file fact of: “Double Epic Fail in Ilocos Norte”
✅ Video: Streams dependent on the viewer internet connection and gadget capability, (look Ma, it’s great to watch on TV!)
✅ HD Video: 1920 x 1080 at 22,000 kbits/sec and 25.00 frames/sec
✅ Audio: MPEG at 16 bit stereo @48 KHZ
✅ Duration: 4 min & 0.07 secs
✅ Total Frames: X
✅ Total File Size: 142,119 KB
✅ Closed Caption: NO
✅ Music: Scorefitter: Epic-Until It falls ]

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