Freak accident mars tourist’s engagement proposal over cliffs of El Nido

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A foreign tourist hiked the ruggedly sharp cliffs of Mount Taraw of El Nido on Tuesday with his girlfriend with a good plan.

Upon reaching the desired spot, Jean Jacques, the African tourist popped a ring to girlfriend Maria Batler. The woman was reaching out for the ring but unfortunately the man tipped off and almost fell off the cliffs.

Thanks to the quick reaction of tour hike guide Eller Agosto who at split second attempted to help and catch the tourist.

The unfortunate thing happened. The tourist averted his fall but the would-be savior fell from the cliffs and landed about seven hundred feet below. Witnesses said Agosto fell from the third station of the Mount Taraw climb.

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The tour guide is in critical condition now confined at a hospital in Puerto Princesa City.

Jacques and another tourist suffered non- life threatening bruises.

As a precautionary measure, the local government of El Nido closed the Mount Taraw climb from tourists.

For now, tourists will have to channel their adrenalin to other fun tasks and miss the panoramic view of Bacuit bay.

The downtown of El Nido, Palawan is nestled in the shore walled by the massive mountainous terrain. It has a population of 36,191 as of 2010 official census.


H/T:Philippine Fly Boy – Flickr: El NIDO

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2 thoughts on “Freak accident mars tourist’s engagement proposal over cliffs of El Nido”

  1. While tourism is filling the coffers of local business, services and the government, the previously undisturbed wildlife and ecosystem will never be the same again. To avert accidents, a safety and precautionary measure should be a must in hikes like the rugged and steep sides of El Nido. Don’t climbers need a safety harness? The local government and tourism agency can do something about this. Just saying!

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