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Typhoon Yolanda death toll update now at 2,360; with 9 million people affected

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First Published         15 Nov , 2013      11:53 am. (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)


This is the latest grim update yet. The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council on Friday announced the death toll from super typhoon “Yolanda” has now hit the 2,360 mark while the affected people at nine million.

In its update, NDRRMC said the fatalities can be broken down into:

-Region 4A: 2

-Region 4B: 5

-Region 5: 5

-Region 6: 113

-Region 7: 72

-Region 8: 2,161

-Region 9: 1

-Region 13:1

The NDRRMC added that the number of injured was placed at 3,853 while 77 are still missing.

Around 1,962,898 families or 9,073,804 individuals were affected in 9,303 villages in 44 provinces.

Of these, 78,476 families or 380,552 individuals are staying in 1,028 evacuation centers.

“Yolanda” also destroyed 136,247 houses and damaged 117,802 others.

Damage caused by Yolanda was estimated at around P4 billion, including P362.83 million in infrastructure and P3.7 billion in agriculture.

The NDRRMC said power outage is still being experienced in some areas of Southern Luzon, Bicol, and Western, Central and Eastern Visayas.(PNA)

First Published         15 Nov , 2013      11:53 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)       with 421 views.


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