The Unbelievers Extol Camsur Tourism As A Myth?

The prestine beach of Caramoan islands during one of the visits of provincial board member Angel Naval, with cbanga360-bicol street journal’s Tony Abalayan and friends.

For a third world one-city country like the Philippines, any locale other than metro Manila is refered to as “the province.” Manila city dwellers going beyond its limit tell themselves they’re off to visit friends or relatives or acquaintance to the province.

Such is the bias, a very subjective and limited understanding which has been “tolerated” because there really is a wide contrast- or gap- on the development, developmental support and progress between the provinces and the urban aggrupation of cities clustered in metro Manila.

Manila with all its slum, squallor, crime and sinful attractions amid pockets of affluence of the rich in their niches of well appointed residences, has always been the traditional apple of the eyes of the national government.

So that when Camsur- “the province” became a byword within Camarines Sur, Bicol and Luzon as an emerging tourist mecca, any claim of its popularity needs tangible and statistical proof. They are not the tourists who come and repeatedly keep coming back who are dying and grandstanding to find the proof or will not stop until handed down the proof.

These are the bystanders who are unbelievably ridiculous unbelievers that there is an alternative to Boracay or Cebu or Manila that is CamSur. These people are in the genre of those akin to the crabs, with the ultimate intention of pulling down their object of envy.

Rather than putting down Camsur, can’t we just accept that it is one dragon wiggling out from the bad spell previous notoriously disappointing political leaders cast on the province? Would it be better (and make us feel good) if we extend a helping hand to pummel the effort to greater heights, thereby making us positive movers, one of the “unknown” force in its resurgence?

For this we feel sad the usage of the Bicol Street Journal’s report on CamSur Prepares to Host 22nd Philippine Advertising Confab in November which some passages were quoted on this commentary by Mr. Paredes.

By the way, when relatives and visitors come, they sometimes opt to stay with relatives and friends who can provide warm, personal treatment and accord a distinctive homely touch for the stay. Some shy away from hotels and go to local homes moon lighting as “bed and breakfast venues” which is a common knowledge and practice hereabout, in case others may not know.

Some facts detractors find worth distorting are hare: The Philippine department of tourism (DOT) show that Camarines Sur appeared to have overtaken Boracay and other favorite tourist destinations in the country in popularity among tourists.

The research and statistical division of DOT disclosed the 3.1 million foreign and domestic tourists that visited CamSur and the rest of Bicol last year, 626,690 were foreigners (201,679 from Europe and 99,012 from USA and Canada), 54,969 were overseas Filipinos and 2,441,022 were domestic tourists.

Provincial board member (BM) Angel Naval, who hails from Calabanga, in a statement issued said “the provincial government has found a winning formula in promoting its two crown jewels—the Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC) in Pili and the beaches of Caramoan islands— as one tourism package.”

Referring to the house of representatives move of decapitating CamSur, he pronounced that “the best way for our senators to help preserve the province’s international reputation as an ecotourism and extreme sports capital is to ditch the house to mess up this tourism master plan.”

BM Warren Senar, expressed that Camarines Sur’s status as the country’s top tourist attraction should serve as a strong impetus for the senate to block the “split Camsur initiative” of the house of representatives, which they described as an “unpopular, divisive and retrogressive” scheme.

For our readers, which side of the fence do you want to be? (

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