The Jesse Robredo Spell: How Long Will It Last?

In a country gnawed with incessant and unperturbed corruption in all levels of the government and public service, the uncommon yet outstanding ideals that the late DILG secretary Jesse Robredo represent, stood for, and lived by was as rare as the trace of water or liquid in the solar planet of Mars

While alive, he was able to achieve an untainted record in elective public service and good governance. In death, he received accolades and awards as proof of his outstanding performance, humility, dedication and honesty.

Print media allotted so much column inches of printed words extolling his good deeds. So with broadcast TV and radio. But the internet’s blogs, social media and online journals flourished with known and unknown tales and stories about him all the more.

Not to be outdone, politicos mouthed a lot of good words about him they dared not speak while he was alive. In the end, nothing of these were never good enough than with a live Jesse Robredo.

Tributes still keep coming even after his burial. The Philippine congress, yet, on September 3rd conferred Robredo the Quezon Service Cross, the highest recognition that can be awarded for exemplary public service.

Senate resolution number 861 and House resolution number 2739 extolled the values, ideals and service that was demonstrated by Robredo. This, as parallel to the standard exemplified in public service of President Manuel L. Quezon, nonetheless.

The Quezon Service Cross was institutionalized by Congress in 1946. Further in 2003, Presidential Executive Order number 236 named the Quezon Service Cross as “the highest decoration of the Philippines.”

But once the dust has settled, and days pass on to weeks, and months, and so on, will the Jesse Robredo spell linger on? Much of the Filipinos are like the character animated thru Dory, in the Disney flick about Finding Nemo.

[Note: Image of the late DILG secretary Jesse Robredo, courtesy and thanks to TeamRobredo.]


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