Dislike button coming up in Facebook?

Facebook is testing in Europe, specifically in Ireland and Spain an up and coming feature that one day could be implemented “Facebook-wide.”

I am referring to the “Dislike” button that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced last month. But not the great “Dislike” one can think of.


This could be the social networking site’s answer so that users can respond appropriately on their news feeds. This will break the “bad response” when one friend posts a news -notice that a family member or friend’s passing are deluged with “likes” reaction. Meaning, the demise was a welcome event instead of truly saying to the family of the departed of their heartfelt condolence.

So now, that is what Facebook is working on. It might resort to emoticons other than the usual “Like,” something more expressive of the true feeling and reaction to the news feed as in “sad,” or “angry” or just surprised! Six emoticons, and with an appropriate and corresponding emoji is on the test right now.

So, folks, it will not be the actual “Dislike” feature many are looking forward to. But anyways, maybe, users can also react to the ads posted by Facebook with a sad emoji or angry emoji, too. And still, spammers and “chain-letter post” types as well has to be ready of the angry emoji, instead of urging you to type amen!


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