Watch this Harubay to Manguiring section of Road Tour Calabanga

Manguiring Elementary School along the busy Calabanga-Tinambac road.
Road tour Harubay to Manguiring ends near or about the Manguiring Elementary School in the busy Calabanga-Tinambac road. The road is the main artery that connects the towns of Tinambac and Siruma to the third congressional district towns. Soon, these two towns under the Partido district will conveniently connect to towns of the congressional district where it is grouped.

This is definitely the third part of our quirky, jittery, jiggly Road Tour Calabanga from Barangay Harubay to Barangay Manguiring via Camuning road, down the slopes of Mt. Isarog, in the province of Camarines Sur.

Note that along the way, we sprinkled a few notes on elevation (in meter), including coordinates and ID’d landmarks.

Barangay Harubay (Harobay), is one the three villages (including Comaguingking and Lugsad) nestled on the higher slopes of Mt. Isarog. It shares the top-most territorial boundary reaching the rim of the crater of Mt. Isarog.

Since this is a downhill road trip, and some sections of the route were covered during the uphill climb from Barangay Binanuaanan Pequeño passing thru Comaguingking and Burabod, a short portion of video had its pacing or speed ramped up.

In case there is the curiosity to watch the portion I am referring to, the link is provided below:

Mt. Isarog is a dormant stratovolcano with an elevation of 2,011 m (6,598 ft)above mean sea level.

On 8 November, 1915, frequent earthquakes were felt on and around Isarog volcano, with some occasional noises. Landslides occurred on its slopes. The seismic activities repeated itself 2 or 3 times at long intervals until 10 January, 1916.

Watch the first leg of this road tour below:

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