DBM’s Abad wants more money thru P23-B supplemental budget


MANILA, Nov 20 — The Department of Budget and Management wants more money for its disposal. The agency is pushing for a P23-billion supplemental budget. Its main reason: to ensure sufficient funding support for crucial development initiatives, including various infrastructure projects for post-Yolanda rehabilitation and government preparations for the 2015 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit.

A total of P16.4 billion— comprising the bulk of allocations under the supplemental budget— has been earmarked for new priority initiatives. Of this amount, the Administration’s Yolanda reconstruction and rehabilitation program will get P9.5 billion. Another P1.44 billion will support key projects in preparation for the APEC Summit, which the Philippines will be hosting next year.

Abad said that the supplemental budget will cover liabilities arising from obligated infrastructure projects worth P1.85 billion under the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

A total of P5.08 billion will be coursed to a number of priority projects under various government agencies. The funds will account for the budgetary requirements of priority projects that were partially implemented or previously approved for implementation this year.

While some of the projects are already completed yet Abad wants budget allocation for the same.

Abad said, “Most of these projects have already been completed, are on-going, or are urgently needed to sustain our socio-economic development. The passage of the proposed supplemental budget will allow us to allocate funds accordingly so we can complete these projects right away.“


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