First Monument to the Filipino Teacher Enshrined in Calabanga

The first ever monument for Filipino teachers in the entire Philippines, and perhaps the only one in the country, was erected and dedicated in the municipality of Calabanga during the illustrious, long mayoralty and undefeated term of Dominador Medroso, Sr.

It was set up fronting the town’s municipal hall building sometime or about the years between 1953 and 1954.

Since we do not have a complete data on this, we brought it upon ourselves to imagine what transpired during the exact date of the monument’s dedication.

The first Philippine monument honoring the Filipino teacher was erected and dedicated in the municpality of Calabanga.

The honorable mayor and other municipal officials could either be the principals (proponents) of the event or witnesses and distinguished visitors at the same time.

The current division supervisor Wenceslao Adupe, principals of different elementary schools, teachers and pupils must have been there since the occasion was honoring the invaluable contribution of the teachers in molding the mind and imparting knowledge to the municipal youths.

The occasion must have been witnessed by many residents, too. And that particular appointed day must have been sunny and not a rainy one. Also, it was unlikely done during the summer vacation too, yet highly probable within the curruculum school year. I just wonder if there was a parade, though.

This writer is so perplexed because there was no etched marking or note or plaque of dedication attached on the monument.

We also do not have the data on who (person or group of person or association) commissioned the construction of the monument or the lucky person or persons that executed the final enterpretation for the concept.

But we are definite and sure on this- long time barangay San Pablo resident and public school teacher Ms. Josefina (Pining) Dumalasa stood before the artist(s) for the image of the teacher enshired on the monument. And the two pupils were Eva Salvosa (the little girl) and Erlindo Tordilla (the little boy) of barangay San Francisco.

During the presidency/leadership of Mr. Eduardo Aguilar in the organization of public elementary school teachers of the town, they moved to relocate the monument. The structure is now enshrined at its present well-maintained location at the intersection of barangay San Pablo and San Francisco. It is a short walk from the parish church of La Porteria and a good viewing distance from the window of Ms. Pining Dumalasa’s residence.

Of course readers can prove us wrong on some of the data here and about the monument we definitely claim, and reiterate, as the first and only one in the Philippines. Please refer to us if you know another somewhere. We will stand corrected and be thankful, too.

Thanks and photo courtesy of Dr. Elnora A. Brocales.

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