49 million Filipinos seen born from 2010 up to 2045


Pro-creative Philippines will have added 49 million to its burgeoning population between 2010 up until the year 2015. Yes, the county’s population is expected at 142 million by 2045, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

Here are the regions with high population growth rate:

1 Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao – 2.12%
2 CARAGA – 1.72%
3 Bicol – 1.65%
4 MIMAROPA – 1.58
5 Eastern Visayas – 1.53%
7 Davao – 1.41%
8 Zamboanga Peninsula – 1.37%
9 Cordillera – 1.35%
10 CALABARZON – 1.31

Regions with high growth rate will experience a boost in population. The Calabarzon population in 2045 is projected at 20.1 million. The National Capital and Central Luzon regions are seen to reach the count of 14.5 million each.

Central and Western Visayas regions (this include the two provinces of the newly created Negros region) will each have 10.4 million people.

The projections are based on the 2010 census of population prepared by the PSA in collaboration with the Interagency Working Group on Population Pojections.

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