Binanuaanan Pequeno to Harubay | Road Tour Calabanga

Part of the village center, or so, it seems.
The village center consists of a cluster of buildings which include barangay health station, hall. tanod anf offices of the council.

This is the second part of our road tour, visit and experience the bumpy ride by bike up the slopes of dormant volcano Mt. Isarog.

This video starts from the barangay center of Binanuaanan Pequeno up the long and bumpy Binanuanan Grande road. The road network is a continuing road in progress that dates back in the 1960’s.

The ride is bumby and tricky with majority of the road portions unfinished and left uncompleted and unmaintained.

This second lap of road tour from Binanuaanan Pequeno passes thru the villages of Camaguingking and Burabod, all the way to Harubay nestled at the fringes of the mighty but dormant Mt. Isarog.

01:41 Left and right of the Road, as far as the eyes can see, the wide expanse of fertile land is planted with corn and rice, and coconut and banana trees and into the hinter inner lands of the barangays.

02:40 Crossroad to Barangay Lugsad and Lugsad Elementary School, a barangay sharing the top-most territorial boundary reaching the tip of the crater/ mouth of Mt. Isarog.

05:44 Barangay Comaguingking, one of the barangays sharing top-most territorial boundary reaching the tip of the mouth/crater of Mt. Isarog.

06:08 Mt. Isarog: a dormant stratovolcano has an elevation of 2,011 m (6,598 ft)above mean sea level. On 8 November, 1915, frequent earthquakes were felton and around Isarog volcano, with some occasional noises. Landslides occurred on its slopes. The seismic activities repeated itself 2 or 3 times at long intervals until 10 January, 1916.

13:43 Harubay (Harobay), another barangay which shares top-most territorial boundary reaching the tip of the mouth of Mt. Isarog.

Along the way (in the video), we sprinkled a few notes on elevation (in meter), including coordinates and ID’d landmarks.

Another Cbanga360 inMotion project under the Experience Bicol 2.0 Series.

Previously, the first leg of the road tour, below:


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