The Laments of San Miguel Bay Fisherman

A fisherman laments fishing in San Miguel Bay.
A fisherman faces bleak future fishing in the former rich fishing waters of San Miguel bay due to lack of government pro-active action on fishing regulations and control of commercial fishing operations in municpal waters.

We are almost done with Sabang!

After the road tour, two #short #shorts feature, one semi-finale long feature, and now we drop this fifth, a long form video, about the ‘Laments of Small Fisherman of San Miguel Bay’ or ‘Ang Hinagpis ng Mangingisda ng San Miguel Bay.’

[ Advanced Note: For English language speakers, this video has been provided with English closed caption (CC). Please activate when viewing. Thank you! ]

It is in Sabang that the land meets the shoreline towards the rich fishing waters of San Miguel bay, host to a good number of fish species and then some only found in its murky waters.

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It is also in Barangay Sabang that capital and labor manifest its inter-dependence, with labor in the disadvantaged position.

Sabang and San Miguel Bay complements each other. The bay supplies the abundant supply of fresh fish while Sabang is home to many fishermen, fish workers, and business endeavors anchored on fish processing and sales.

Don’t forget to complete watching the video because within, we also drop a hint and preview of another long form feature video and series coming up.

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Another Cbanga360 inMotion project under the Experience Bicol 2.0 Series.


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