A Sweeping Look at a Casureco II Power Bill

Received the other day the Casureco II bill for the household consumption of 159 kilowatts for the period between Jan. 24, 2013 – Feb. 24, 2013 . Not so funny to us each time we get hold of one but just the same we amuse ourselves of the fine prints contained in the bill:

Generation charge: Gen sys 159.00@ 4.8174000 = P765.97; Transmission charge: Xmissionsys 159.00@ 1.069800 = P170.10; System Loss 159.00@ 0.9119000 = P144.99; Distribution charge: Dist System 159@ 0.4613000 = P73.35; Supply sys 159@ 0.537600 = P85.38; Supply sys @159.00@ 0.5376000 = P85.48;

Metering charge: Mtring Sys 159.00@ 0.3205000 = P50.96; RetCust (MC) P5.00; Other/Adjustment Charge: LifelineRate 159/00 @ 0.0947000= P15.06; RFSC – CAPEX 159.00@ 0.2178000 = P34.63; SnrCtzn Subs 159.00@ 0.0005854 = P0.09; Universal Charge: Environmentl 159.00@ 0.0025990 = P0.40; Miss Elect 159.00@ 0.1163000 = P18.49;

Value Added Tax Charge: VAT (Gen) 159.00 @ 0.427000 = P67.89; VAT (SL) 159.00@ 0.0638000 = P10.14; VAT (RC) = P0.60; VAT (DR) 159.00@ 0.1959000 = P31.15; Real ProTax 159.00@ 0.091800 = P 14.60 Total current power bill amounted to P1,488.90

But wait, there’s more fine prints at the bottom of the dot matrix-printed bill: “Amount on/before due date P1,488.90 less P22.33 (PPD on current bill) Amount after due date P1,488.90 add P148.89”

So if I pay my bill on time or in advance of due date, I get a measly discount of P22.33 but if I settle after due date and beyond I get slapped of additional P148.89 then or 10 per cent of the current bill.

Meanwhile, Casureco II was able to reduce electricity rate by P0.67 per kilowatt-hour as reflected on the power bill in February now that it is sourcing its supply within the region.

Spokesperson Emmanuel Rojo of the Camarines Sur II Electric Cooperative (Casureco II), said that previously their power was sourced outside the region.

To date, the power coop has stopped sourcing its power from the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market and instead now buy from the Bac-Man Geothermal plant in the boundary of Albay and Sorsogon provinces.

Rojo said the power rate cut became possible because they paid less for line rental because it is just within the region, reducing the charges by an average of P0.67/KW in all types of consumers.

Without the other charges included in the so-called bundled rate, Casureco II buys electricity from BacMan at P4.8174/KW while WESM charged the power coop P5.4725/KW.

If this is good news to consumers, then what? Consumers want lower power bills, if only the charges coop management has been passing on are taken away. After all, who can eradicate the system loss, for instance, but only the vigilance of Casureco II personnel and management. Indeed, consumers are always in the losing end while the arrogant cooperative profits from their misery.


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