CamSur Prepares to Host 22nd Philippine Advertising Confab in November

Accomodation: The Cabanas of Villa del Rey inside Camarines Sur. Courtesy of Villa del Rey, CWC.

The province of Camarines Sur is hosting the upcoming 22nd Philippine Advertising Congress. It will be held at the CWC, inside the sprawling provincial capitol complex in the capital town of Pili.

The province is expected to generate some P100 million for playing host for the four-day national Ad Congress from November 16 to 19 of this year.

The Ad Congress usually accomodates 4,000 delegates to its fold, including executives and officers coming from major players in the print and broadcast media, telecom outfits, marketing and manufacturing companies. Organizers charges P18,500 each attendee for a complete convention package and amenities.

Already, some 2,000 delegates have confirmed positive attendance for the confab.

The occasion will be an opportunity to give the province more exposure and mileage in terms of good publicity and for the LGU to showcase the best it can offer to attendees and prospective tourists and enthusiasts.

In anticipation of the big day, our source says that the provincial government will construct a 1,250 square meter convention center. It will also be complimented by another 3,750 square meter exhibition hall. The structures once completed will then be part of the sports tourism package of the LGU other than serving as main hub for conventions.

The Camarines Sur watersports complex (CWC) is rushing the construction of additional 80 new wood cabins in time for completion way before the gab. That will be in addition to the existing accommodation facilities at the complex which include the Villa del Rey Dwell Homes, Tiki Huts, Wood Cabins, Containers, Cabanas, Villas and Mansion suites.

Meanwhile, as the event approaches, the city of Naga is being seen as a possible alternative to fill the housing needs of overflow delegates the province can not accommodate. Naga city is about 12 kilometers away from Pili. It must be recalled that during the festivities of Penafrancia tourists and locals come in droves that nearly reaches the million mark. Naga has approximately 4,500 hotel rooms.

Subic of Zambales province, the former site of a US military base in the Philippines more than two decades ago, hosted the last Ad congress. Some 4,000 delegates were in attendance including teachers and students. (


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