Happy 2010 Fiesta, Calabanga!!!

Happy Fiesta, Calabanga! There’s a handful more of photos and notes about the on-going fiesta in Calabanga here. (And at the end of the text here, then check out a short video-report of the civic parade).

The search for the Miss Calabanga 2010 was finally over. Hazelyn S. Dollero got crowned the winner. She is contestant number 8 representing barangay San Roque. Contestant number 11 from Quipayo Noreen Mae B. Endrano was first runner-up. Charmaine P. Combes, contestant number 5 representing barangay San Francisco completed the winning trio as the second runner-up.

The candidate from San Pablo, contestant number 2, Maria Ana Catherine H. Bongat did not make it to the top three but garnered four awards including Miss Placenta (a brand of a whitening soap product of a commercial company), Miss Rural Bank, Miss Camella (a real-estate developer’s brand of mass housing subdivision), and Miss Cawadi (Calabanga water district).

The civic parade yesterday poured into the main streets of Calabanga various students and teachers of the schools, including civic organizations. That was exhilirating and full of fun, though.

The town fiesta here seems to be a one week affair now, the practice is developing into a tradition, which began a few years back with two separate parades on two days. And there are many more fun attractions and happenings about the town.

Bu today, the main activity will be receiving guests and relatives and enjoying the feast on the table. Happy fiesta, Calabanga!

Our Tony Abalayan, Jr. was there and filed above photos. Also, a snippet- partial video-report of yesterday’s civic parade filed by our Marianne A. Ramos. Enjoy.


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