More Notes on St. Peregrine Laziosi Parish

The project once completed may look similar to the image on the above banner-poster.

On the day this writer visited the parish of St. Peregrine of Laziosi in barangay Sto. Domingo of Calabanga, a drizzle was on its way. Anyhow, we (my brother was a buddy enough to take us to our destination and wait) were able to take the needed frames for our purpose.

Our first stop was the construction and project site of the bell tower structure cum “tontonan” combined.

Then we looked for the temporary residence of the parish priest which was a quick find. The house help was by the gate we were told father Olin was having a nap. Quite a good time for a nap indeed because of the prevailing kind-of drizzly weather. It was 2:15 in the afternoon.

Mobility: Visiting far flung and rural barangays and schools within the parish on fixed and scheduled days need reliable wheels .

The priest’s modest residence, we learned, was offered rent-free by the good family of Mrs. Hermenia Asis Yago. This arrangement may hold for sometime pending the realization of a permanent residence in the near future.

Some readers may want to know mass schedules and venues of the parish, so here they are:

Time Day / Date Venue/Place/School
6:00 AM Monday- Saturday parish church
5:15 PM Every Wednesday parish church
6:30 AM Every Sunday parish church
9:00 AM Every 1st Sunday healing mass parish church
6:00 PM Every Sunday parish church
3:00 PM Every Saturday barangay Pagao
4:00 PM Every Saturday barangay Balongay
5:00 PM Every Saturday sitio Dawis
9:00 AM Every Sunday barangay Dominorog
10:00 AM Every Sunday barangay Balatasan
4:00 PM Every Sunday sito Poro
4:00 PM 3rd Saturday Punta Tarawal
6:30 PM 18th of the month barangay San Lucas
4:00 PM 19th of the month barangay Carigsa
4:00 PM 20th of the month barangay San Bernardino
4:00 PM 23rd of the month sito Sta. Elena
4:00 PM 29th of the month sitio Quidalagon
8:00 AM first Friday Union elementary
10:00 AM first Friday Union high school
8:00 AM 1st Wednesday Lope Guisic elementary
8:00 AM 3rd Friday Pagao elementary
10:00 AM 3rd Friday San Bernardino elementary
8:00 AM last Wednesday Dominorog elementary
10:00 AM last Wednesday Balatasan elementary
8:00 AM 2nd Wednesday West Coast high school
10:00 AM 2nd Wednesday Balongay elementary

Quite interesting to note that while the new parish covers more barangays of the town of Calabanga, it is now under the vicariate of St. Anne situated in Magarao town. A clear revision of our post here Archdiocese of Caceres installs new Calabanga parish.

The Calabanga Vicariate of Our Lady of La Porteria now has only four parishes instead of the original six. Also interesting that there is always a constant and prevailing ways where religion and politics and government find ways to differ in views, opinions and even on territorial jurisdiction and distribution!(

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