Krills and the Bicolano Spirit of Tenacity


(This is part 2 of this featured post: Scouring for Krill in San Miguel Bay.)

Much of the krills harvested in San Miguel bay are destined for human consumption. Depending on the volume, a fisherman would either bring his catch home or sell to a middleman.

The krills are placed on recycled flour sacks to drain water prior to weight measurement and eventually transferred to big, open aluminum containers for processing. A proportionate amount of salt is added as preservative. The fermented mixture is sold at the local market.

Despite the impoverished surrounding and hardship in day to day lives, there is that certain smile borne on their face. There is the tenacity and strength, the will power to go on, a distinct Bicolano trait. Where we can’t grasp the beauty outside of his environ, we fully sensed that which is in his inner being.

It is interesting to note, among the fifteen geographical regions of the Philippines, Bicol ranked second poorest with 55.4% of families experiencing a very high level of poverty incidence. The country ‘s average is 33.7%.

An Balaw asin an Bicolano

Mas sa naaning balaw sa dagat kan San Miguel kinukunsumo kan mga tawo. Depende sa kadakulan an parabalaw ipupuli an nasudsod sa harong o kaya ibenta sa negosyante.

An balaw sinasako ngani mahale an tubig bago kilohon, sagkod ilaag sa banyera. Minamasa sa asin para dai maraot pagbenta sa merkado.

Nakakangalas maski yaon sa kapalibutan nin kapobrehan asin makuring pagtios sa pang-aro aldaw na pagbuhay ang mga taong ini igua pang natatada nin kadikit na huyom sa lalawgon. An kusog nin boot asin ang kagustuhan na padagos an buhay, iyo ini an sarong ugaling Bikolnon. Kun mayo kaming nahiling na magayon sa palibot, may namatean kaming sarong bagay na yaon sa laog kan saiyang pagkatao. Ay, an gayon na panluwas dai talaga abot sa irarom kan kublit.

Samuyang napag-araman, sa kinseng rehiyon kan Pilipinas, an Bikol panduwa sa mga nagtitios na may 55.4% sa mga pamilya na nag-aagi nin kapobrehan. Mientras na an Pilipinas may 33.7 na por ciento.

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  1. This really is a ‘My World Post’. I haven’t yet got used to the way the internet and blogging is expanding my world view. I’m glad I visited.


  2. Thank you for teaching me something I know nothing about: krill. Your comment about inner strength is wonderful. I also see much beauty in your surroundings.

  3. all the pictures are lovely and interesting..the text is wonderful…I wonder how the Krill is used…you have educated me and expanded my view of the world…thanks for this post… It is nice to see into the window of your world. cheers.

  4. I have googled it to know what is krill. I hope your fisherman has been hit to hard by the recent Typhoon.

  5. how do you eat krill?

    In Malaysia and Singapore, they sell bottles of preserved krill. The eat with rice. I have not eaten because my husband doesn’t like preserved food.

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