The Humble Church of St. Peregrine Laziosi of Calabanga

The humble beginnings of the Catholic church of St. Peregrine de Laziosi in Sto. Domingo, Calabanga, Camarines Sur.
The only luxury we found was the presence of electric fans. But the temporary structure need more wooden seats for the faithful. Donations are always welcome.
An austere church for the faithful. But only for now. Sooner than later, the mysterious hands will work its way for the construction and realization of a permanent structure for the dovotees.

To a newcomer and the uninitiated the new parish of St. Peregrine of Laziosi has a humbling effect.

Nestled on a vast hectareage of plain ricelands around it, the churchground is occupied by two structures- the new tontonan and belfry and the temporary structure used in church services. The building of course represents the glimmer of a dream rather than a concrete reality. It is because the current building was constructed of lumber (some coconut lumber) and bamboo with nipa roofing.

Since every simple dream begin with little things, the parish community starts with the construction of the concrete church belfry and tontonan we have featured earlier on the links here: St Peregrine Laziosi parish constructs tontonan, and here More notes on St. Peregrine Laziosi parish.

Unassuming and very austere as the building may look, the Catholic community and parishioners it is earmarked for are one in their effort at moving forward with their support towards the final realization of the construction of the church. We should see more action and movement with these regard in the very near future.

We can not help but recall how the fourth Catholic parish in the town, the Divine Mercy in Paolbo, also started from the same beginnings. Look what they have now, a new beautiful church. Check out our post on this link: Divine Mercy celebrates church completion.

For the meantime, we show here some pictures of the current structure. May the benevolent and generous ones pour out their usual helping hands towards the realization for the construction of a permanent church in the parish.

The parish of St. Peregrine serves the faithful of barangays of Balongay, Dominorog, Balatasan, Punta Tarawal, San Lucas and San Bernardino in the municipality of Calabanga. The barrios of Pagao (town of Bombon) and Carigsa (municpality of Magarao) are also part of the parish.

The villages/sitios of Dawis, Sta. Elena and Quidalagon are also within the jurisdiction of St. Peregrine. The parish has an approximate population of 8,956 residents.

The Vicariate of St. Anne in Magarao town has jurisdiction over the parish including the fifth Calabanga parish of Black Nazarene in Binanuaanan Pequeno.

For information and donations, interested parties may call cell #09276056069 or better still make an appointment for a visit to the office of Fr. Joseph Collada Olin, the first and current parish priest in his temporary residence at the barangay.

(By the way, we want to read about the parish of the Black Nazarene, so send us a note and maybe photos so we can feature here, too. This is an open invitation, please send us a note here: Contact Us. Of course, we will acknowledge the writer/contributor and photo submission.)(


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