Devolved government hospitals in Albay earning money while also serving the people

A dated photo of Ziga Memorial Hospital in the city of Tabaco.

Proponents for the devolution of government owned and operated hospitals, which before were geared to serve the poor and needy patients, were right after all.

Take for example the eight devolved hospitals in the province of Albay.

The provincial health office takes pride that it was successful in its operations, posting over P81 million in combined income for the past year.

These hospitals include Ziga Memorial District Hospital, Cagraray Municipal Hospital, Villa Hermosa Hospital, Rapu-Rapu Hospital, Manito Hospital, J. B. Duran District Hospital, Pantao Hospital and Pioduran Hospital.

Of the earnings, 80 percent are sourced from payments derived from patients using their PhilHealth cards from Philippine Health Insurance Corporation and the rest from collections for laboratory tests, X-ray examinations, room rental and other hospital services.

The encouraging development prompts the Department of Health for an allotment of P100 million fund to undertake health facility enhancement program for Albay province alone. The money will also be used to improve rural health units and infirmaries in Daraga, Guinabatan and Bacacay towns.

Soon district hospitals will have functional operating rooms in the near future. (PNA contributed to this report)

Photo credit: Alden Lumbao

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