Discover Nora Aunor in her “Kinabukasan”

Discover Nora Aunor in her “Kinabukasan”

Nora Aunor, Alden Richards and Rossana Roces stars in a short, short film titled Kinabukasan (The Day After) megged by Director Adolf Alix. The short film graced the just concluded 3rd Pasale 2015 held at the Ateneo de Naga University on February 2 to 4.

The shorts film festival was a successful joint cooperation of the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts and the Ateneo de Naga Center for Culture.


Kinabukasan spotlights a middle-aged woman waiting for a visitor who happens to be a young man. They talk about a person who has died recently and has left mementoes, letters and poems. The young man was bent on getting the poems while the woman insists on her right to keep them. As the conversation progresses, we learn that the deceased is the young man’s mother and the woman’s friend.

A review sums up the performance of Aunor:

Those who worship Nora, the short film is a discovery once more of another facet of the actor’s gift. Her voice— that spectacular speaking voice. Even with her back turned against the camera, the voice shifts and sings the nuances of a woman whose loss may perhaps be never understood by this young man from a present and future she will never share. That voice never rises histrionically but, rather, swims under syllables of regrets and glides above tremors of heartbreaks. Such control, such discipline, such confidence in what the face can reveal or sublimely hide.


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