This latest brain teaser involves symbol of horse, horseshoe and cowboy boots

Can you solve this puzzle. It has gathered much interest from the Facebook post it now has 542K comments and over 75K shares and likes.

This puzzle has captured the interest of one too many from a Facebook post.

Over 542K posted their answer and solution but no one seems to know the right answer. And everyone are sticking to their given answer, though.

The puzzle has already been shared and liked topping the 75K.

The brainteaser using symbols of horse, horseshoe and a cowboy boot with given value has gathered enough attention on the social media site.

But many who posted their solution and answer to the puzzle have varying answer.

Of course, their answer, wholly depend on their interpretation.

Answer comments now has topped 542K and going up, plus almost 14K in shares. Awesome.

The puzzle starts by showing 1 horse + 1 horse + 1 horse = 30.

1 horse + 2 horseshoes = 18

2 horseshoes – 2 cowboy boots = 2

The first three lines give us the hint that the horse is equivalent to number 10, each horseshoe equals 2, and the horseman boots is equivalent to 1.

The fourth line of figures is the final focus of the puzzle.

The big question to solve:

1 cowboy boot + 1 horse x 1 horseshoe = ?

As the puzzle gathered enough interest, the answer posted differs which depend upon interpretation of the given equation.

What is your answer then?

Thanks for the brain teaser, Facebook.


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