It took a three-hour chase before police captures “Unicorn” in California


Yes Virginia, a “unicorn” exists in California, it took more than three hours before the Calfironia Highway Patrol ended its chase near the city of Fresno.

News said that the almost 600 pounder animal was made available in a photo shoot among children in Rancho Maderas when it got loose on Thursday afternoon.

At about 2:30 in the afternoon, it got loose from its child handler but was easily reined in.

Afterwards, the animal tried to escape again hours later. It was able to enter the roadways, police were alerted.

The white-furry animal romped through orchards and about five miles on its escapade.

Sandra Boos, the photographer and owner of the runaway animal revealed that it was her pony named Juliet made to look like a small unicorn complete with the horn to delight the kids!

Good thing Juliet was “finally located in an orchard by the CHP H40 helicopter, using the heat seeking FLIR radar,” Madera CHP spokesman Officer Joshua McConnell told KTVU.

Later, a highway patrolman radioed, “Please be advised the unicorn is in custody,” Boos said.

“No injuries were reported but there were several near-misses [by cars]. The pony was just lucky. It was returned to its owner unharmed and was secured. No citations were issued in this case, but had the pony been hit by a car ? it would have been a different story. The business or owner providing the pony would have been financially liable for all injuries, property damages and other costs, which could have been significant,” McConnell said.

H/T Buzzfeed, Twitter and Youtube.


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